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Wealth management

Wealth management

As experienced wealth managers, our mission is to support our clients in preserving, growing and passing on their private wealth. Lombard Odier is entirely owned by our Partners, who are all directly involved in delivering our wealth management services and ensuring smooth, seamless generational transmissions. Even as many banks are switching to standardised financial planning services, we continue to value personal relationships and offer bespoke wealth management for all our clients. 

Portfolio management.

At Aegis Investment, we offer unparalleled, decentralised portfolio construction to cater to our clients’ needs, wherever they live. Our portfolios are designed and managed by dedicated teams with both global and local knowledge. Our portfolio management services offer both discretionary and advisory investment mandates.

Through our discretionary mandates, we manage your investments on your behalf. Our wealth managers begin by taking the time to understand your unique needs and aspirations, before designing a portfolio to realise those goals with the help of analysis and recommendations from our experienced, knowledgeable investment specialists.

With a Aegis Investment advisory mandate, you’ll maintain full control of your portfolio. You’ll have access to high-quality investment management advice that your wealth manager will personalise for you, your location, financial goals and appetite for risk. And if you’d like complete access to all of our latest investment thinking as it happens, you can select our enhanced service level that gives you direct access to our talented investment experts.

We are convinced that sustainability will be a major performance driver over the coming years and we want to help our clients benefit from this trend

Your wealth outlook.


Your Wealth Outlook is a new approach to wealth management. It is personalised, forward-looking, and based around your life goals. It recognises that your wealth must meet many different demands, from daily financial needs, to longer-term projects, and aspirations for your family.

So rather than one single investment portfolio, we can build different portfolios, each with a different time horizon, asset allocation and independent risk profile. Each portfolio aims to meet one of your goals, and each is guided by your specific preferences and constraints. Risk and asset allocation is controlled at a consolidated level.

We think of ourselves as more than asset managers; we also act as active investors, tracking down opportunities for our clients – even in difficult market environments

Wealth planning.

There’s much more to wealth management than building a portfolio. Our experts assess your needs through a global yet personalised lens, so we can offer you the long-term, bespoke solutions that will enable you to achieve your financial goals.

Since personal relationships are the foundation of our approach to wealth management, we begin by getting to know you and your unique personal, family and professional situation. Then, once they have a thorough understanding of your needs and aspirations, our wealth planners design a wealth planning strategy to help you fulfil them in the context of your tax environment, individual circumstances and country of residence.1 To do this, our wealth managers take the time to conduct detailed diagnostics on a range of factors that include your professional and private projects, so they have the knowledge they need to manage your wealth effectively, track its progress over time and make adjustments where necessary.

Our primary goal is to preserve and grow our clients' assets, while fostering a close relationship based on trust over the long term


At Aegis Investment, we understand your tax environment. We implement personalized wealth management strategies, adapted to the tax rules of your country of residence, so that you can optimize your after-tax financial returns.

Succession planning.

Our wealth management services include supporting you in smoothly transmitting your wealth to the next generation. Our wealth planners can help you organise lifetime gifts, draft and execute testamentary dispositions, or determine and implement the best succession planning vehicle for you. As we do in all our wealth management services, we structure your succession planning around your goals while ensuring that it adheres to any legal or tax requirements that apply.

Family governance.

As a seventh-generation independent family business of entrepreneurial bankers, we understand how important it is for other families to organise, preserve, grow and pass on their wealth.

We know as well that all of this requires effective family governance to structure the ways in which ownership, family and business interact. Our multidisciplinary wealth managers can deliver the advice and tools you need to build and optimise your family governance framework.


Sustainable investing.

At Aegis Investment we embrace The Sustainability Revolution as the biggest investment opportunity in modern history, to drive higher returns for our clients. We believe the time has come to transition from a WILD (Wasteful, Idle, Lopsided and Dirty) to a CLIC™ (Clean, Lean, Inclusive and Clean) economy.

Our role is to identify companies with the vision and adaptability to exploit the underlying trends driving the transition to a net-zero economy. Our sustainable investment analysis therefore goes beyond traditional ESG metrics. It considers not only how companies act, but crucially what they make and do, and where they operate. In doing so, it includes a forward-looking assessment of the alignment of business models to sustainability dynamics, and exposure to climate-related physical risks, in addition to business practices.

Market intelligence.

Research and financial analysis

Our heritage is Swiss, yet our outlook is resolutely international. This is what enables us to deliver local expertise through our experienced network of over 200 experts, wherever our clients happen to be.

We offer our clients indispensable market intelligence and wealth management expertise that deliver real value. Our fundamental views are macro-focused and backed up by bottom-up convictions, delivered by experts who cover fixed income, equities, real estate, private equity and more. We cover every asset class and type of investment strategy.

With our proprietary process and investment philosophy as their starting point, our equity research team curates a select list of direct holdings convictions that places fundamentals above all else. We focus on what we do best and on those regions and industries in which we have an established track record of consistent performance.

Fund selection

Whether from us or other firms, instruments that are active or passive, our wealth managers endeavour to offer our clients the very best funds investment advice. Our open architecture team selects outstanding fund managers who have the expert knowledge required to deliver customised wealth management strategies that can realise your financial needs and aspirations.

Technological support.

banking infrastructure
Driven by our Rethink Everything philosophy, our team is shaping tomorrow’s asset management world by using the power of technology to offer pioneering solutions that deliver new perspective for our clients. As wealth and asset managers, we tailor our in-house global wealth management platform, G2, for the world of investment. With more than 700 professionals, our Technology and Operations (T&O) unit’s mission is to manage and develop our state-of-the-art IT solutions for the entire Group and our clients.



Our world-class proprietary asset management interface

Beyond the many management and investment applications we’ve developed in-house, we have also developed world-class interfaces that offer private and professional clients alike access to their assets and numerous other functionalities. Aegis offers an at-a-glance overview of your investments, access to transactions, histories, positions and performance information through an intuitive, flexible digital interface that includes high levels of authentication and state-of-the-art technology.

Asset servicing.

Our Aegis investment  platform offers an unparalleled view of your asset universe, enabling you to make better investment decisions while staying on top of your risks, performance and costs. You’ll benefit from a personalised service, a single point of contact, consistent and automatic reporting, a unified performance calculation method, economies of scale and consolidated online monitoring of all your asset allocations.


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