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Local expertise

Local expertise

We seek to be the private bankers of reference for entrepreneurs and their families – not just today, but over the long term, generation after generation. Our ability to re-evaluate a changing world enables us to build stability, while our financial strength allows us to keep investing in the business and improve our client offering.


Our mission is to preserve and grow your assets, while fostering a long-term, trust-based relationship. Whether your investments are already significant or are just starting to burgeon, every portfolio receives the individual care your wealth requires.

United Kingdom.

We offer specialist UK private banking services, with teams of experienced local bankers, wealth planners and investment experts delivering tailored portfolio management and asset structuring to suit all types of Global UK client.


Our local team of experts in France have been offering tailor-made portfolio management and wealth planning solutions, serving business leaders, managing shareholders or major investors in the digital industry, and their families.


Innovation has always been one of the driving forces behind our development. We offer a personalised and global approach to wealth management, to support our clients and their families in their professional and private projects over several generations, regardless of their location.


An independently owned family bank, we provide services to discerning clients seeking a stable, innovative and financially solid institution, which offers a personalised and global approach to wealth management, while maintaining that essential local presence.


We are true wealth and asset management specialists, who have been serving private clients . We offer flexible advisory and discretionary investment solutions, supported by in-house expertise, proprietary sustainability analysis and leading wealth technology. Our bankers are seasoned professionals who advise only a limited number of clients.


We offer bespoke private banking and wealth management services for Spanish clients, including specialist investment expertise. Our officeproviding flexible discretionary and advisory portfolio management, individual wealth planning and asset booking .


We are independently owned, global wealth management specialists, who have been serving Israeli clients . We offer tailored, tax efficient portfolio management, wealth planning and family business services.

Middle East.

Aegis Investment has been active in the Middle East . We focus on a single business: preserving and growing your wealth for generations to come. We offer bespoke solutions that align with your objectives and values.


With over four decades of experience in Hong Kong, Aegis Investment provides regional tailored services to institutional and private clients in Asia. Armed with deep international experience, our dedicated regional team of investment specialists leverage a risk-based investment process in the management of our clients assets. Our family services continue to be a unique proposition for our clients as we holistically support your wealth management needs. Using our ability to constantly rethink and innovate, we provide you with a wide-array of solutions and services to preserve, protect and grow your wealth.


We have a clear focus on discretionary portfolio management (DPM) and our dedicated team of investment professionals offer best-in-class services to preserve, protect and grow your assets, over the long-term. We’ve designed an all-around solution for our private clients – entrepreneurs, key individuals and leading families – bringing you the best of our expertise, closely tailored to your own needs, supporting you today and for generations to come.


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