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Aegis Group Inc.

Advisory Services are targeted at investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions.

Our experts will be at your side – providing recommendations on the right moves to make.

Especially in periods of increased market volatility and uncertainty, market trends are difficult to predict. The professional approach and customized specialist advice on the management and diversification of your assets applied by Aegis Group Inc., can help you to take the right decision.

Depending on your needs, you can also have access to our investment specialists who can develop a customized solution. Our specialists constantly offer new investment opportunities as well as opinions on your own investment strategies.

Using a process of monitoring and selection, you can reach decisions based on precise information and well-timed proposals. Our careful analysis of your risk profile and investment objectives helps you to address risks and make the most of the opportunities that arise in conjunction with your predefined risk/return objectives.

The right strategy for your portfolio

Depending on the risk tolerance and the selected investment strategy, we begin with the most appropriate asset allocation model for your portfolio, based on our investment view. The more risk you are willing to take, the higher the return and volatility you can expect. This allocation serves as guidance and may change.

The extensive analysis carried out by our experts provides us with first-class insights into companies, issuers and fund managers. Leveraging this unique knowledge and using a structured investment process, we translate the portfolio strategy that best fits your profile into a target portfolio including, for each asset class, the selection of funds and securities that best suit your needs, optimizing return and risk.

Your Client Relationship Officer and, depending on the service level you chose, your Investment Counsellor and an asset class specialist will discuss ways of further customizing your portfolio with you to ensure it is ideally suited to your needs.


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