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Allocate into a crypto-based investment that is fully secured by bitcoin collateral and earn higher yield compared to traditional bank rates .

Investment Solutions as part of Asset Management. Our sole focus is to care for, preserve and grow our private clients’ wealth over the long term. With over 200 investment professionals working across the globe, we generate innovative investment insights and employ them within a robust yet nimble asset allocation framework.

We seek to be the private bankers of reference for entrepreneurs and their families – not just today, but over the long term, generation after generation. Our ability to re-evaluate a changing world enables us to build stability, while our financial strength allows us to keep investing in the business and improve our client offering.

Our approach to wealth management isn’t just about building a portfolio. We take a holistic, global, yet personalised approach to assessing your needs, so your private banker can offer you long-term, bespoke solutions.

Our loans can help our private clients get projects off the ground, or finalise work underway.  Aegis investment Loan is a fixed loan or agreed overdraft granted against a pledge of liquid assets such as equities, bonds or investment funds, up to a certain percentage of their value.

Aegis Investment has always taken its responsibility to make a positive contribution to society and the environment seriously. That’s why, we have spearheaded, for our private clients, the practice of sustainable investing intentionally to create outcomes that change the world for the better.

We helped our clients protect, grow and transmit their private wealth to the next generation. We eschew standardised offerings in favour of personal relationships and bespoke wealth management services that are as individual as our clients.

We provide infrastructure that supports all of our private banking activities – from portfolio management, to trading, custody, reporting, operational and back-office services. We’ve been offering this service to clients, including external asset managers, family offices and other private banks.

Our roots are Hong Kong but we have an international outlook. We have looked beyond our borders to offer our clients innovative and personalised private asset management. We continue to find opportunities to expand our presence to better serve our clients, all around the world.

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