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Digital solutions

Digital solutions

We provide infrastructure that supports all of our private asset managment activities – from portfolio management, to trading, custody, reporting, operational and back-office services. We’ve been offering this service to clients, including external asset managers, family offices and other private banks.

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With Aegis Investment PWA Asset Management, you can review your global portfolio at any time and from a variety of perspectives – with access available via smartphone, tablet or computer – at any place.

Aegis Trading.

Do you want to manage your clients’ portfolio more efficiently?

Our trading and advisory services offer global coverage and world-class investment expertise. With our specialists behind you, you’ll be in control – but not on your own. We’re independently-owned, so we answer only to you. And as a financial professional, you get access to our ideas and research through our proprietary online trading

Aegis Investment Asset Management.

With Aegis Asset Management PWA, you can access your consolidated reports through an intuitive, interactive interface. You can freely create and customise reports according to your needs. The Aegis Investment team has developed this interface with a particular focus on flexibility, client experience and security, while ensuring ease of use and access for our clients.


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